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Why Does Nandi Face Lord Shiva ?

   In the temple of Eshwara or Shiva,you find Nandi,the bull in front of the deity.The truth is that just as Lingam is the symbol of God ( Eshwara ) , Nandi ( bull ) is the symbol of Jeeva ( Individual soul ).Therefore,just like the Nandi,man should turn away from Prakriti ( creation ) and direct all his attention towards Eshwara only

 Devotees taking darshan of Shiva look straight over the head of bull ; for the bull itself is taking darshan of Shiva with concentrated devotion.Just as the devotees of Shiva keep company with His vehicle,the Bull,to earn His grace,you too must choose friend,who by their company would help in raising your aptitude. 

( SSS.Vol.XIV p.59 )

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 There are some more meanings for the symbolism.For instance,it is said that no one should stand between Eshwara and Nandi.One should have the vision of Eshwara by looking through the space in between the two ears of Nandi.The underlying idea is that through the sadhana of using its ears to listen about Eshwara alone,the animal nature in the bull becomes transformed into Divinity and because of its merger with Eshwara,it is called Nandeeshwara ( Bull-god ) . Thus,the lesson of the symbolism is that man should also try to merge with God,by following the example of Nandi. 

( SSS.Vol.XXV p.169 )

- Sai baba discourses.

                  tatpurushaya vidmahe
               chakratuNDaya dheemahi
                   tanno nandiH (f) prachodayaat.

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