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Importance of Gayatri Mantra to Pregnant Mothers

Please share the essence of this article and its importance to all mothers out there, as a service for a brighter future generation.

** This article has been read and implemented by mother(s) out there and it has done tremendous benefits and transformations,expressed by their own words.So kindly do not dismiss this article without appreciation.This is a gem that should be spread avast ** 

This article is in tandem with a noble vision of producing a highly conscious and enlightened future generation,through the implementation of our vedic knowledge and treasure.

It is very very important on how mothers keep their thoughts and actions when they are pregnant.We know from our scriptures that Abhimanyu learnt the secrets of entering the chakravyuh in the Kurushetra war from His father Arjuna who was explaining this secret to his mother when he ( Abhimanyu ) was still in the womb.

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We also know that Prahlada's mother when pregnant,received through her ears the name of ' Narayana' - thus making Prahlada a great devotee of Lord Narayana.

'Video perfect' below.The foetus or child inside the womb listens to whatever the mother hears/speaks and grasps it.


  Video above : foetus inside the womb perceives the sounds uttered by its parents .The foetus claps in response.

Mothers are gifted with a powerful strength and power - the power to give life it's form.As such,they are also capable of moulding the nature of the child.

Mothers should practice chanting and reciting the name of the Lord ( namasmarana ) , engage in service ( at their capability ) , have noble  thoughts,read scriptures,consume only sattvik ( pure ,good,healthy vegetarian ) food and never to resort to negative emotions like anger,jealousy,greed etc. 

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It is said that the children of teachers are usually bright and intelligent- due to the reason that they grasp the words of the lessons orated by the mothers while being still enclosed in the womb.

 Children are synonymous to a sponge.They absorb what they are exposed to very powerfully.

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Veda Mantras as pregnancy care.

One particular field of interest and method that would be extremely effective is by listening to and chanting of  powerful veda mantras of our heritage.To specify,the Gayatri Mantra ( rig veda ) and Sri Rudram ( krishna yajur veda ) together with other veda mantras.

The reason for the highlight  in these two chants  :

(1) The Gayatri mantra is the Mother of the Vedas.It is the preliminary sadhana or lesson of our ancients.It invokes the faculty of  intellect and intelligence.

In fact,in Ancient India,children before the age of 7 were initiated to chant the Gayatri Mantra,making them to grow into very bright beings.The Gayatri Mantra is the embodiment of all Gods.

So it does not matter on who one worships - anyone can chant the Gayatri .Imagine if mothers chant the Gayatri often - we will nurture genius nature and strong spiritual qualities in the child..The Gayatri Mantra is the mantra for enlightenment..

  Video above : Importance of Gayatri Mantra and correct way to chant.

Gayatri Mantra : 


* Please chant the Gayatri in the correct manner.Chanting it wrongly can have negative effects. Refer to the video above to learn the correct way to chant *

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Chanting it 108 times a day will do wonders beyond expectations.

 Vedic chants or veda mantras are the very breath of God'. 

Sri Rudram ; considered to be the most powerful vedic hymn.Listening to the Sri Rudram itself will destroy many problems rooted in people.It is an immense and instant purifier.

                          Video above : Sri Rudram chanting 

Click here to read on Gayatri Mantra and Sri Rudram ( benefits,correct way  to chant and other details ) 


  1. Brilliant information .. I am an experienced mother who chanted throughout and the results are totally mesmerizing . I request all mothers to be [ whether they believe or not ] JUST DO IT . You will get amazed .. its as if God himself has adopted you and your kid ...god bless all mothers to be

    1. ADMIN : Am so delighted to hear this. He will be a great hero of the nation for sure . Please help to spread and get this essence deeply rooted into every mother.Thank you .

    2. Guru garu said don't chant gayatri mantra who was not given by guru ,mantras are not tunes and they won't work if we chant unless the guru gave it ,instead of gyantri mantra vyasa maharshi gave same mantra having 24 bhija asksharas any one can reside who was given or not ,he told us to read it instead of Gayatri mantra,listening to gayatri is fine receiting without gurus dhiksha has no use and will have ill effects ,"i have the mantra if you can give me your email i will send its i made it as mp3 and writing in English may has some flaws ,i have it in my regional language but not in english if you want to write i can send the mp3 leave me your mail if you are interested

    3. ADMIN : Gayatri can be chanted by all . Bring me an evidence that restricts anyone from chanting. All you need is sincerity and discipline.Baghwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has encouraged all to chant the gayatri.

    4. this is what happens when some one says the truth good luck admin

    5. Dear anonymous mother,
      Did you chant the Gayatri mantra during pregnancy? Did you chant it till 9 th month ? How many did you do it daily? Plz share the details and your experience. My email: cbs.hyd@

  2. This is great mantra dedicated to Shiva as Mrityunjaya is found in the RughVeda.
    Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
    Effect and Benifits

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