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Easy way to please Lord Hanuman - To have His presence.

   You may have come across various ways to seek Lord Hanuman's blessings or feel His presence.


This article will explain one simple way where you can inevitably have the grace of Lord Hanuman showered upon you.But importantly you must have love,devotion,humility and sincerity. 

  As we know,Lord Hanuman is the expression of the divine as an epitome of devotion.Lord Hanuman's devotion to Shri Rama was beyond any boundaries.He set a great example as to how a devotee should be. There are many leelas and stories of Lord Hanuman that will simply shake our spine upon understanding His depth of heroism,ideality and devotion to Shri Rama.

  It is said that wherever the name 'Rama' is being chanted,Lord Hanuman will be there with palms folded and tears draining from His eyes ! 

Wherever the name 'Rama' is chanted,Lord Hanuman stands there with hands folded and tears draining from eyes.

 So what else can please Lord Hanuman other than the name of Rama ??

 One important thing that has to be understood here is that many people identify 'Rama' with only a  form.But 'Rama' is not limited to any form.Atma is Rama.

People call God by many names like Rama, Krishna,

 Easwara, and Mahadeva. They are all the names of one 

God. You should recognise the glory of this name. Sage 

Vasishtha said, “Ramo Vigrahavan dharma (Rama is the 

personification of dharma (righteousness).” Dharma itself 

incarnated in the form of Rama.


'Rama' is not limited to only the incarnation - bodied form of Shri Rama.God is beyond all forms.As Krishna explains in the Geetha,God takes an avatar/incarnation to establish dharma.Lord Rama comes in a form of a man with bows and arrows so that common people can appreciate God in a form similar to him.
You can simply chant 'Rama' and feel the presence of Lord Hanuman.

People generally do this in various forms.Some choose to pen down the name continuously.Others chant 'Rama' continuously.Then there are devotees who vow to speak nothing else other than the name of 'Rama'.Even if they wanted to call someone,they only called them ' Rama'.After all,God is the one who is inevitably residing in everyone.So why not see the residing God in man ?

Lord Hanuman's entire body and cells uttered the name of 'Rama'.And He did not care about anything that was devoid of the vibration of 'Rama'.Once Mother Sita gave a pearl necklace to Hanuman. Upon receiving the necklace, Hanuman gave it a suspicious look. He then placed the necklace near one of his ears as if to check whether the individual pearls were emitting some sound.

He appeared to examine every pearl in the necklace, and once in a while, he would bite a pearl. Mother Sita was shocked by this behaviour. Was Hanuman proving that, after all, he was a monkey? She demanded an explanation from Hanuman for what he was doing. 

With great humility Hanuman replied, "Mother, for me the Name of Rama is supreme. An object is worthless if it does not resound with the Name of Rama. Some of these pearls are not emitting the proper sound and so I am chewing them up." Sita was neither convinced nor amused and tersely remarked, "Pearls do not emit sound." 

Hanuman replied, "Everything that is saturated with the Rama Principle will always chant the Name of Rama. Let me demonstrate." So saying, Hanuman plucked a hair from his body and offered it to Rama. When Sita took it near her ear, she could clearly hear the chant of Rama's Name! 

 Now in case of any negative thoughts such as ' this is applicable for Lord Hanuman because He is God.. I am just an ordinary human etc... '.. quickly discard it.


Each one of us is divine in real nature.Lord Hanuman is not the only example for this.Saint Ramdas who lived just some time back had this similar trait.He was a wandering saint and slept at random houses.Once it happened that the owner heard the sound of 'Rama' coming from his doorstep.When investigated,he found this great saint asleep.But the sound of 'Rama' was coming from this saint !

 Saint Ramdas was so intense that even his body vibrated with the chant of 'Rama' - just like Lord Hanuman.Even when he was sleeping,the chant of Rama emanated from Him !

CLICK HERE to view actual images from Ramayana - materialised by Baghwan Baba,including the picture of the necklace bitten by Lord Hanuman ! 

Personal experience

  In my personal view,there can be no greater service or way to please Lord Hanuman other than the chanting of the name of 'Rama' or singing the glory of Rama.This can take various forms from bhajans,sangkirtanam,japam and so on..

Remember that Sage Vishwamitra got enlightened by just chanting 'Rama' continuously.( He chanted 'MARA' continuously.Chanting 'MARA' continuously became chanting of 'RAMA'. - if you chant Mara-Mara-Mara nonstop.. it will sound as Rama - Rama -Rama)He was a robber who turned his ways to divine and attained the highest.


I have personally experienced the intense and strong presence of Lord Hanuman during times when the chant of 'Rama' was vibrant in the air.I have no doubt in saying that wherever there is the vibration of the sound of 'Rama', Lord Hanuman would be definitely there.

 When Lord Hanuman's grace is falling,all you need to do is open up to it.Break your ego and with humility,bow to the universe,and grace shall pour into you.

 If you have an excess build-up of ego, you cannot be helped by anyone - even if Lord Hanuman appears in flesh to you.Break the ego so that space is provided for the grace or cosmic energy to awaken within you.

 ''Chanting RAMA'S Name Destroys all the sins - When you utter the word "RAM", you first open the mouth with the sound" RA". All your sins go out when your mouth is open. When you utter "M" by closing the mouth, the entry is barred against the sins that have gone out. Everyone should recognise the sweetness, the sacredness and the divinity enshrined in the name "RAMA".

(Excerpts from Bhagavan's Sri Rama Navami Discourses-
Sanathana Sarathi - April 2015 Page 20 & 21)