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Ganapati Atharva Sheersham - Importance and Benefits

Benefits & Importance of Chanting Ganapati Atharva Sirsam

   What is Ganapati Atharva Sirsam ?

   Ganapati Atharva Sirsam ( which is also known as Ganapati Upanishad ) is a veda mantra from Atharva Veda.It is a simple yet powerful chant that will  get you connected to Lord Ganesha easily.

 **It is said that a single person who has mastery over the Atharva Veda will protect his whole nation from all dangers and calamities**

 This upanishad basically extols and describes Lord Ganesha as Para-Brahman ( Pure consciousness - God ) .

 This is the mantra which is used in Ganapati Homam.

 Thus,this explains why this mantra plays a very important role in Ganapati worship.

The below video link will help you learn Ganapati Atharva Shirsham.

      Video above :Ganapati Atharva Shirsham learning tutorial.

    Click here for the meaning of the lyrics

The benefits of this chant explained in this article is actually described in the mantra itself.It is not some imagination or exaggeration.

Benefits : 

 - One who studies and chants this mantra becomes fit to realise 

Bramhan ( God ) 

- He will not be affected by any difficulties and obstacles.

- He experiences happiness at all times.

- He is released from the five great sins.

- When one studies this hymn in the evening, the sins committed during the day are destroyed.

- When one studies this hymn in the morning,the sins committed at night are destroyed.

- When one studies this hymn both times ( morning and evening ) , he becomes free from all sins

- When read anywhere,one becomes free of all obstacles.

- One attains all the four goals of life 

: Righteousness ( Dharma ) , wealth ( Artha ) , Desire ( Kaama ) and liberation ( Moksha )

- One would achieve whatever is desired for by chanting this hymn a thousand times. 

- One who bathes Lord Ganapati by his essence of the Atharva Veda becomes a renowned orator

- Whoever repeatedly chants this hymn on the fourth day from New or Full Moon becomes a great scholar.

- One who worships Lord Ganapati with blades of Durva grass
becomes as rich as the God of wealth ( Kubera )

- One who offered parched grains ( rice / wheat flakes ) becomes a man of fame and intelligence.

- One who offers a thousand modakams for worship gets his cherished desires fulfilled

- One who offers ghee and firewood to the fire-sacrifice  ( yagya ) attains everything

- One who enables eight good natured persons to absorb these teachings of the Atharva Veda becomes dazzling like the Sun.

- By undertaking the Japa on the banks of the sacred rivers during solar eclipse or by sitting in front of the idol of Lord Ganapathi, one gets the siddhi of this mantra

- In particular,he becomes free from big obstacles,major defects and all sins.

-He who has this knowledge,becomes all knowing.

If you have practiced and want clarification ( if you are chanting it correctly ) ,you can send your recorded voice message via whatsapp to +60163059916
In many instances we are not very well aware of our mistakes in pronunciation and it is better to have a person to analyse it.

Over a cup of coffee talk ... : 

   I got introduced to this mantra from my professor. We were about to start a vedic chanting group .And after learning,we chanted the mantra about three times in front of Lord Ganapati in the temple ( It is the same temple I wrote about in the article about Muneeswaran in this blog ) 

 It was indeed a very pleasant and vibrant moment.The chant was so unique and engaging.That was also when I took a stern decision 
to teach this vedic hymn to all students in my classes.That was the impact given by this hymn on my first rendition.

  My professor later explained that he adores this chant very much and that he used to teach it to school children in a rural village.

  He narrated on how he made the children  chant this mantra compulsorily before going to school on a daily basis.Gradually,they started exhibiting excellence in their studies.By excellent,I really mean excellent - considering them to be rural children who are deprived from good educational resources.They started scoring the highest grades to top their 

Video Above : Vedam Class Students chanting the Ganapati Upanishad

This mantra also activates the muladhara chakra ( root
chakra) . It is said that Lord Ganapati Himself resides in this chakra.Once the muladhara chakra is active,you become very stable in life.All obstacles will be naturally broken.

 By activating the muladhara chakra , more than 50 percent of issues and problems in your life will be instantly solved.This being the root chakra,can transform your life completely.

  In a nutshell, any significance of Lord Ganesha's energy can be experienced by chanting this hymn.


  1. I would like to chant this hymn....kindly guide me on this...pls....

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  2. I would like to chant this hymn....kindly guide me on this...pls....

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