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Karrupar Mantra

Karrupuswamy is commonly referred to as the 'dark god'.  '' Karuppu'' translates to ' black' in Tamil.


  This article will introduce a very powerful mantric meditation technique which can get you powerfully connected to Karuppu's energy.This is taken from Dr Pillai.

  This mantra is gaining huge popularity on the contemporary.I could only infer this as a collective blessing by karuppar to mankind - to access His help instantly.

Are you experiencing injustice, negativity, or in need of protection ? 

Then let Karuppar  solve it ! 

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 This technique has been claimed to get many people around the globe ( even those alien to Him ) to experience His energy in a tremendous way.

  Brief Introduction to Karrupuswamy 

Image result for karuppusamyKaruppar is the guarding energy of Lord Shiva which destroys all our patterns, negative influences from our life and fills the space with Lord Shiva’s energy.

 Karuppar is the deity who is determined to establish honesty and authenticity in all human beings. He guards the noble and transforms the evil by teaching them a lesson. 

Karuppar holds a huge sickle and a mace in His hands and has a white horse as His vehicle. With the sickle He destroys all our sufferings and protects us with His mace.

 His white horse stands for the speed with which He removes our suffering.

Karuppar is also called as Karuppanna Swami. He is worshipped as Karuppar in the South India and Kalabhairava ( the fierce aspect of Shiva ) in North India

  Karrupuswamy worship is prominent in India ( Bharata ) , Malaysia, Sri Lanka and many other parts of the world.Karrupuswamy is also a village deity who is believed by villagers to confer protection ( Kaval Deivam ) and punish evil-doers.

*Enquiries about Sangili Karuppan had been made.Sangili Karuppar is a form of Karrupuswamy too.

Note that there are 108 recognised forms of Karrupuswamy - each with their unique form,name and even trait.Ultimately, you can use this mantra meditation to access the energy of Karrupuswamy regardless of the form you worship*


 As a common trait of guardian deities, Karrupuswamy upholds justice.He brings about justice and dharma ( righteousness) to your life.Karuppuswamy has zero tolerance towards evil.

 Karuppuswamy is also said to be a Bodhi Sattva - an enlightened being who chooses to remain on Earth in some form to help humans.Hence,this deity is physically very intense,approachable and responsive.You do not need to do some intense penance to get connected to Him.

This is also why it is very common to see Karrupar helping devotees through trance sessions and oracles.

  He is a great healer too.Many have experienced His energy to cure blindness,make the mute to speak and to heal diseases.His unique characteristic is that He responds very very quickly to your prayer.


So if you seek Karuppuswamy for help,make sure you also take steps to purify yourself and lead a dharmic life.Remember that He destroys evil.If you lead an evil life... then you are in hot soup.

  The worship of Karrupuswamy is said to be important at the present age and time.Right now,the world is filled with evil and negativity that has to be vanquished.

 Different people connect to Karuppar in different ways.For example,some see Him as the fierce form of Krishna.Some legends even refer to Karrupar as a form of Lord Vishnu, rather than the usual Shiva tattva attached to Him.

  Hence,connect to Him in any way you like,whether you are a shaivite or vaishnavite...  

You may chant Shiva mantras to experience Karrupar and other similar Guardian deities as well. - Personally I have experienced Muneeswaran and Madurai Veeran  in a very powerful way by chanting the Sri Rudram.This was prior to me getting connected to Karrupar.

I have written an article on my experience with Muneeswaran and Madurai Veeran as well - Click here to read it 

  How to do the meditation ?

8.20 pm is the time when Karuppuswamy is very active.
You can fix a specific time to connect with Karrupuswamy daily.

(1) Visualise ( Imagine ) the form of Karuppuswamy ( He rides on a white horse with a bill-hooked machete ( aruval in tamil)  held high - like the picture below ) 

(2) As you visualise, send a form of prayer of thanks and gratitude to Him 

(3) Ask Karuppuswamy in your heart to get connected to Him in a personal and intimate way and to be with you on a daily basis,removing all evil,wiping out negativity and bringing justice

(4) Chant the Mantra for Karrupuswamy - 


 ( You can chant this 9 times or 108 times ) 

Kleem and Haam refers to a bija ( seed mantra) , karrupuswamiye denotes the name of the deity and suvahaa calls for the deity

(5) Ask Karrupuswamy what has to be done for you today, and pray to Him to make that happen immediately.

(6) Now you can continue chanting for another 9 times and repeat the cycle.

It is also advised that as a Karuppar devotee,you should imbibe His characteristics of helping and serving people.Service to man and other beings will surely make Karuppar feel pleased and happy with you.

In fact, in reality, wholehearted service is the FASTEST way to connect with Karrupuswamy....

Dr. Pillai has also personally observed that the fastest and easiest way to connect to Karrupuswamy is by feeding the poor and hungry.

      Karrupuswamy's energy is powerful on new moon days ( Amavasai ) and extremely powerful during the month of Aadhi

The video above will describe the whole meditation process virtually


Video above : Mohini,a westerner who got recently touched by Karrupu shares her experience on how Karrupuswamy saved Her life.

Video above : June - a singaporean devotee shares her experience with Karrupuswamy.


  1. hari om, how to identify kula deivam for those who dont know . tq

    1. ADMIN : Hari Om appu. This link will explain . tq :


  2. Vanakam admin.. can i use the same approach to get connected with sangli karupper ayya? i have an alter of sangli karupper ayya at home and im not sure of the right proper way to worship and get connected to him. I would really appreciate if you can shed some guide.

    1. ADMIN : Yes sure you can. :) Do share your experience.

  3. 10q.
    what mantra ro be used to Sanggili Karuppar ayya?

    1. ADMIN : Same as given in this article. Sangilli Karuppar is a form of Karrupanaswamy. Thank you.

    2. You mention that 8.20pm is the time when he's very active. Which timezone is this timing?

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    4. Use your regional timing.Not confined to a particular timezone.

  4. Such a great articles in my carrier, It's wonderful commands like easiest understand words of knowledge in information's.

  5. The sulam image is origin from Pangkor Bathrakaliamman Temple

  6. This was very powerful mantra and do chant this mantra on poya day as 1000 times see check and comment this .

  7. why karupar wrapped chain around her body ?

    1. Not all karuppars have chain - only sangilli karuppan has chain wrapped around his body.. according to sources,it was his shield against the attacks of madurai veeran,his rival.Madurai veeran uses a sword.

    2. Hai brother ...
      Sangili bhutham is not a form of karupanaswamy am i right ...Just for info only as we see in the movies maduraiveeran old M.G.R sir act movie the story is about maduraiveeran. End of story a person name sangili karupan who is a thief captain make trouble in madurai so the maduraiveeran kill Sangili karupan who is a human such like maduraiveeran @ muthukumar but in the end he is workship god.Karupana swamy is form mostly the name given by where he locate and the street name follow by her name so may i know which source you know about sabgili karupan Or sangili karupan followers because of the theif captain pass away so they workship similar like others god.

    3. Many deities worshiped today were once humans.. humans are truly divine in nature.. and once this divinity peaks and manifests.. one can express a particular energy.. Sangilli Karuppan of Madurai Veeran era achieved a certain state and after He left the body, functions as Karuppar...