Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Durga Suktam - The Vibrance of Shakti

 In many places in the Rig Veda,we come across verses in praise of the God of Fire ( Agni ) . In Taitreya Upanishad,these verses are combined into a mantra called ' Durga Suktam '.

 Durga Suktam is also part of Mahanarayana Upanishad.

  Chanting the Durga Suktam will definitely bring you to explosive experiences.Even if you have never experienced the immense power and grace of Shakti despite trying , reciting this Durga Suktam again and again will accomplish this ! 


 In this veda, it praises and describes Lord Agni and His role as a 'boatman' who ferries us towards enlightenment or mukti.

Agni is the one who connects us with the divine.This is the reason why so much importance is given to Agni in rituals and worships.

 Agni,the Lord of Fire , symbolises the power of action.Goddess Durga also represents dynamism and the power of purposeful action ( kriya shakti ). Hence,though some of these verses are directly addressed to Agni,all are taken as being addressed to Mother Durga as well

  Here is a clip of Durga Suktam recitation : 

 Videoed tutorial for learning the Durga Suktam.It is inclusive of the english transliteration 

                Durga Suktam for learning

If you have practiced and want clarification ( if you are chanting it correctly ) ,you can send your recorded voice message via whatsapp to +60163059916

Durga Suktam is an important part of Shri Vidya mantra.

Durga Suktam infuses you with the the presence of Shakti very quickly.You could say it is like a direct call to the Divine Mother.

                 Sri Chakra Yantra

( Sri Chakra Yantra is a powerful tool in Shakti worship )


  Durga suktam is commonly recited in elaborate rituals - such as abisheka ( ritual bathing of consecrated idol ) , puja, yagya and so on.

  Frequent recitation may be necessary to build the momentum so as to appreciate the prowess of this veda.

 Best of luck.May the Cosmic Mother inspire us to learn Durga Suktam.

Video above : Children reciting the Durga Suktam at the beginning in swasti mode.Courtesy : Vedam class Nandhi Ashramam,Sungai Petani

In addition, there are counterparts called Medha Suktam and Shri Suktam dedicated to Medha devi and Lakshmi

              Medha Suktam for learning

              Shri Suktam for learning     


  1. very nice post! During the festival of Navratri, Me along with my mother visit Goddess Durga Temple near to our house and offer prayers by chanting durga mantra so as to seek her blessings.

  2. I chant Durga Suktam everyday.

  3. Pahli Shailputri Kehlawe !
    Doosri Bhramcharni Man Bhawe !!
    Tisri Chandraghanta Shubh Naam !
    Chauthi Kushmanda Sukhdham !!
    Panchvi Devi Askand Mata !

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  4. Replies
    1. Any portion of the Vedas,including Durga Suktam can and should be recited by women.

      Amongst the rishis who heard the vedas as sound waves from the cosmos were women.

  5. I have seen you and your student reciting vedas for a yagya. I remember you guys chanting durga suktam as well.That was the first time I saw a veda parayanam in Malaysia as how I used to see it happening in major temples in India.

    Amazing look young as well for doing this great job.Are you single ?