Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Sri Suktam - Vedic Expression of Lakshmi

      Above : Sri Suktam chanting

  Sri Suktam is a powerful vedic chant associated with Maha Lakshmi.

Vedic chants are a profound science.I have elaborately written an article on vedic chants.Please read it here.

 To make a long elaboration short - vedic chants are the vibrations of the universe heard or perceived by sages - who taught them as mantras to disciples..

                  Video above : Tutorial video for Sri Suktam.

Lyrics with meaning

Lyrics { PDF } and audio ( downloadable  - scroll to find )

If you have practiced and want clarification ( if you are chanting it correctly ) ,you can send your recorded voice message via whatsapp to +60163059916 or email it to

You can learn Sri Suktam today online.Lyrics and audio are provided in the youtube video above.

 As such, Sri Suktam is an example of a vedic chant that expresses prosperity,wealth,radiance and such.

   It is said that the basis of the entire carnatic music originates from Sri Suktam.

Benefits of chanting Sri Suktam

  The benefits described below expresses the potent and glory of the Sri Suktam as the very embodiment of Mother Lakshmi Herself.These are taken from the phala sthuti ( effect ) of Sri Suktam itself.It is a vedic reference and not a mere exaggeration.

- Those who chant Sri Suktam will be blessed and they will attain Mother Lakshmi.

-They will be granted all goodness and auspiciousness.They will be blessed with children and cattle.

-They will be granted an unending flow of delight,glory,wealth,grains of food,cattle and many sons.

-They will be granted a long life of hundred years.They will be granted immortality.

-They will have their lives removed of debts,ill-health,poverty,sins,hunger,fear,sorrow and mental agitations for all times.

-They will be blessed with harmony,wealth,longevity,fame and ever-lasting victory.

  When you chant Sri Suktam,the expression and energy of Maha-lakshmi flows and fills your space tremendously.

  This will spike and bring abundance of radiance,wealth,prosperity and knowledge into your life.

Mother Lakshmi is the source and provider of the following enumerated well-known sixteen types of wealth and many more : 

(1) Fame
(2) Knowledge
(3) Courage and Strength
(4) Victory
(5) Good Children
(6) Valour
(7) Gold and other gross properties
(8) Grains in abundance

(9) Happiness
(10) Bliss
(11) Intelligence
(12) Beauty
(13) High Aim,High Thinking and Meditation too
(14) Morality and Ethics
(15) Good Health
(16) Long Life

Is wealth a sin ? 

  A misconception about wealth is very much enrooted in many.They believe that spirituality and wealth  cannot come together.This is a false conception.

  Wealth is wealth.Nothing wrong or sinful about it.Go on and make wealth.Infuse your spirituality with wealth.

   With wealth,you can serve the society in multi-folds of manner.Becoming a pauper does not secure you a God's assistant job

Certain spiritual icons portray themselves as poor and beggar-like for different purposes.Some expressed renunciation.Some simply had no interest to make wealth.

  The essence is that,none of them were against wealth.They just conveyed the message on non-attachment through different acts.It was not that Buddha or Swami Vivekananda were against wealth.

 The only point to be noted here is not to get attached to wealth ! The problem does not lie with the money,but your attachment to it.

  Attachment can happen with just about anything - humans, food,animals, memories , your ex... just anything ! 

  If you can just remain unattached yet involved,life can be wonderful. You can manifest wealth and channel it for good.
 Be like a lotus leaf - Ever in contact with water but not wet by it.

Be actively involved with the world,but not influenced or affected by it. Play your role well on Earth, strive to earn Godhood and spread the experience around.

  So go on,learn Sri Suktam,chant it, meditate on it, and fill your life with the presence of Maha Lakshmi.Prosperity is knocking at your door.Jai.


  1. Brilliant rendition and tutorial - Shree Sukta. Namaste and dhanyavada

  2. Yes when child calls the mother of entire universe she comes up with flowing love