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Reclaiming Indra : The Devaraja.

This article is what I would call a tribute to Indra ( haha ) . Actually more of an awareness article to bring light to the glories of Indra.

 I had always adored Lord Indra despite His downgraded recognition as a vedic deity on the contemporary ( present day ) . My friend Anirudh Sainath ( Molee Art ) 's profound interest and facebook posts on Lord Indra inspired me to write this article - mainly to promote his pages on rare vedic references on Lord Indra,and his marvellous artworks as a digital painter

                                 Anirudh Sainath's artwork on Indra

 I have attached the link at the end of this article which directs you to Anirudh's page on the Vedic references on the glories of Indra.

 Why ?

 What has happened in the past few decades is that,certain comics and serials on Ithihasas and Puranas have portrayed lord Indra in a horrid manner. Even in many narrations,Lord Indra is often targeted for His flaws in an exaggerated manner.He is made to see as a weakling.The actual glories of Indra as per the Vedas ( particularly RigVeda ) has been forgotten.

                             TV serials often portray Indra as a joker

In real, Indra is very highly gloried and given a prestigious importance in the Vedas.In fact,it is said that Indra and Rudra are one with two names ( symbolically ).

 Even Thiruvalluvar had revered Indra in his kural as such :

(1) ஐந்தவித்தான் ஆற்றல் அகல்விசும்பு ளார்கோமான்
இந்திரனே சாலுங் கரி
Aindhaviththaan Aatral Akalvisumpu Laarkomaan
Indhirane Saalung Kari
The king of gods Indra the great, is the prime example for the power that one can acquire by conquering his senses.

(2) பொறிவாயில் ஐந்தவித்தான் பொய்தீர் ஒழுக்க
நெறிநின்றார் நீடுவாழ் வார்
Porivaayil Aindhaviththaan Poidheer Ozhukka
Nerinindraar Neetuvaazh Vaar
Those shall long proposer who abide in the faultless way of Him who has destroyed the five desires of the senses

 I had previously written an article on Indra and Rudra , which can be found here :

 Article on " Rudra and Indra : Their Parallels "

 Note that Indra is adored as 'the master of the senses' or 'the aspect of the mind'.

 A lot of vedic mantras bring Indra into reference.To quote,I will display certain images from several parts of the Vedas.

 Indra is mentioned in the Medha Suktam, from Krishna Yajur Veda.He is acknowledged to bestow us with knowledge, together with Agni and Surya.

  Chamakam, from Krishna Yajur Veda which is part of Sri Rudram ( the most powerful chant of Lord Shiva ) , has the mention of Indra abudantly in the 6th Anuvaka ( part ) .Indra is brought along with other deities to bless us.

   In Ganapathi Atharva Sirsam  ( Ganapathi Upanishad ) from Atharva Veda, the most powerful vedic hymn of Lord Ganesha , it quotes Ganesha as '' thou art bramha,vishnu,rudra,indra,agni,vayu,surya and chandra''. 

   In Narayana Upanishad from Atharva Veda, Indra is given reverence along with Bramha,Rudra  and the Adityas.Sakras refers to Indra.

   Indra is mentioned in the first verse of Pavamana Suktam , which is chanted as a purification mantra in puja and yagyas.

   In Laghunyasa, the invocation chant from Krishna Yajur Veda done before Rudram,glorifies Lord Indra as the basis of our strength - both mentally and physically.From the strength derived from Indra,guided by our heart,we utilise it rightly.

   In Nyasa done during puja, Lord Indra is invoked to reside in the shoulder.

    Lord Indra being referred in the majestic Sri Suktam.

   A digital artwork of Anirudh Sainath - depicting the saptarishis ( the celebrated 7 sages, the 7 disciples of Lord Shiva as the Adiyogi ) with Indra.

  Indra is worth a prestigious recognition at present. His importance as the master of senses and mind must be revived.This is a justice I believe,we should all do.Please kindly do not blindly follow the depiction shown in tv serials,where much distortion happens. 

  It is evident that disrespecting Indra is equivalent to disrespecting the Vedas.

 Indra as the cosmic pillar - the fulcrum of the Universe.Art by Anirudh Saniath.Indra is said to be the cosmic pillar where all 33 crore devas reside.

 Anirudh has created a facebook page titled ' Reclaiming Indra', where he updates vedic quotations on Indra. Access it below :

  Hoping that Anirudh's magnificent artworks get further appreciation.He is very much underrated for his great talent.His artwork can be accessed here :

                             Lord Indra as a child - Anirudh Sainath

                          Lord Indra the dragon slayer - Anirudh Sainath

             Lord Indra as a baby with His mother, Aditi - Anirudh Sainath

                       OM NAMO BHAGAVATE INDRAYA

Gayatri For Lord Indra : 


 May we know the devaraja ( King of Devas )
 Let us meditate on the wielder of Vajrahasta ( Thunderbolt - weapon of Indra )
 Let Lord Indra enlighten us.

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