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Trance Oracling : Arul Vaaku - Gift or Curse ?

  'Arul Vaaku' is a rather fluid term.To ascertain what this article highlights on,I would use 'trance oracling'.

  In laymen cognition , this refers to the utilisation of a human body by a 'divine force / entity ' to confer help to devotees by resolving their questions  and healing them.

  Mechanism of trance

  Mental logic is just assumption based on what society has fed upon us.Never use it to explain dimensions you have no idea of. This is what has befallen the practice of trance oracling unfortunately.Certain 'enlightened' beings who claim to know the nut and bolts of trance slander this practice by terms such as 'god downloaders'. They ask as to how a human body, impure by nature possibly 'download' GOD into itself.

 Firstly, no one 'downloads' god. What happens in trance is that,there is a temporary heightened / elevated or mimicked consiousness in a person,which is beyond the person's control.The resultant intense energy is expressed as flame sparks,heat,dance,gestures and so on.

  When the trance happens for oracling purpose,there is mimicked and heightened consiousness,which is stable in nature and used for a noble purpose of helping devotees.The person's consiousness is mimicked to that of a deity. To put in other words, a deity's enlightened consiousness or energy is reflected onto a person temporarily.

  If you place certain nail pieces near a magnet,you will realise that the very nail pieces act like a magnet after some time.The nail and the magnet are of different objects,but both are capable of acting alike.This is but a poor analogy on how trance works.

  This is why people in trance act like the deity described.Their brainwaves,physiological attributes and even body changes in this trance state.This is when they start helping devotees  through healing or revelations.

  The person who channels  is  sometimes chosen by the deity itself.At times,a person has to undergo mastery via a guru-sishya process.Otherwise,it can be even inherited in family.

  Those who can heal and give arul vaaku without getting into trance are those who have an already established consiousness.They do not need external support to heighten it.

  These beings , even if not yet enlightened,are matured and evolved enough to access space-time dimensions to give vaaku or perform healings.

 Trance oracling is very much prevalent in all ancient cultures of the world.This culture has been destroyed from many parts of the world,except those with vedic influence.

 Even today,in many parts of India,trance oracling in karrupar , veeran or muni temples are doing wonders. Healing of the blind,mute and diseased occurs in instance.Unwavering promises and faith is established in the hearts of devotees.Stern advises given has transformed many alcoholics into a noble path.

  This,I believe is a gift we should value.We can make use of the divine to communicate to us in an approximate physical level.

  Dr Pillai of the Karrupuswamy mantra fame is now working on making  westerners channel Karrupuswamy's energy in the United States.

 Dr Pillai 

 Hence,any reason for opposition of this tradition is merely due to ignorance or false perception.

 Arguments such as , ' why must He walk on sharp machetes ( aruval ).It is not needed' or ' why promote future predictions ' need deeper understanding

    Stepping on machete or sharp objects can be exhibited by the siddhi known as laghima - where the body becomes very light.This enables levitation and floating also.Hence,no pain is induced by the sharp ends as pressure is minimised by the extremely reduced body weight.

  These feats produced in trance state - such as  walking on flame uninjured,standing on needles, climbing a flight of machete-based stairs are not some circus show.These are shaktis or siddhis that our very culture glorifies.These had been always exhibited by yogis of the past and present.Shouldn't we be proud of this ? When the west can acknowledge and recognise Jesus's divinity when He healed the sick , walked on water or turned water into wine, we fail to appreciate and see the wonders of these divine shaktis in our very own culture  - perhaps maybe we are too used to it.In ancient India,there was at least one Jesus in every street. Or,maybe because the west has told us that this is barbaric and uncouth.These are the only possible reasons.

  Hypocrisy lies in people who beg the temple deity to heal his / her diseases or to establish a future he desires , but mocks trance oracling sessions.

 When Jesus walks on water - we wow.When our yogi next door does the same - he is a fraud.

Self-concluded ideas as mentioned earlier,are dangerous.Fake trances do exist,but that does not deny the original attribute of trances.Just because a holy person doesn't get into trance,doesn't mean that it does not exist.Trance is not about a personality.As it is clearly mentioned,trance is a temporary heightened consiousness or mimicking of consciousness. This explains that personality here does not matter. In another poor analogy ( good analogies can never exist in the aspect of divinity - as it is something to be experienced rather than explained ) , it is like asking if a person's personality is needed to light a matchstick.. It is in a way calling a deity - lord Agni you know .. all you need to know is the method to ignite the flame.Next, you need to know how to use the flame.If you are careless, it could burn you altogether.This is how divinity can work -like the fire.

  Ultimately who are we to judge another person's spirituality ? Just stay empty and love all,serve all. 

   May the tradition of arul vaaku continue to enrich and benefit 
us,in its authentic form.

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